In the next 66 pages many of the Isaiah connections that where found in this study are displayed. Each chapter was only studied long enough to find solid evidence that it is connected to its corresponding book. Some chapters were only studied for a short period of time in an effort to make this information available to you. Possibly, some of the greatest connections in these chapters were overlooked.

You will be able to find many other connections for yourself with the help of the Holy Spirit. The connections displayed here are only those that can be seen clearly with little explanation. There are several types of connections such as:

  • Word and phrase connections
  • Asking a question, and then giving the answer in the connection
  • Making a prophecy (a prediction) and then a fulfillment of it in the connection
  • Two different events, connected with the same details
  • Subject and theme connections

As you study the book of Isaiah, you can look for other ways it is connected to the Bible. Things like:

  • The beginning of Isaiah chapter 1 mentions the heavens and earth, and the beginning of Genesis mentions the heavens and the earth.
  • Near the end of Isaiah chapter 66 a new heaven and a new earth are mentioned, and near the end of Revelation a new heaven and a new earth are mentioned.

The deeper you look and the more you pray, the more God will reveal, and the more THE WORD OF GOD WILL GLORIFY ITSELF!

The remaining pages contain scripture from every book of the Bible and can be read as a daily devotion until completed.